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Josh Johnson discovers the secret of the bat

Josh Johnson has a secret weapon when he comes to the plate -- Chris Volstad's bat.

Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson shared the his home-run secret: He has hit both of his two home runs this season using fellow pitcher Chris Volstad’s bats.

One day back in late May, a bat Johnson was using in batting practice broke. "I picked up one of his, ‘This feels pretty good,’’’ Johnson said.

On June 4, Johnson used the Volstad bat to hit his first career home run, off Milwaukee’s Dave Bush.

And, yes, it was another Volstad bat that Johnson used tonight to hit his second homer of the year...

 It is definitely working better for JJ than it is for Volstad.  Johnson leads the Marlins pitchers with a .509 OPS.  We are talking Bonifacio country here.  Sadly Chris is only producing at a .197 OPS with his bat.  Maybe he should try JJ's bat, sometimes things in life are symmetric.  Now it probably won't work but what hey, it might.