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Floridays - Part one: Coming to Florida

Probably the best way to do the trip here is by a time stamp.

July 29, 10:45 a.m.: leave for the airport.

11:30 a.m: learns that the flight is delay by 1 hour.  Some concern about making the connecting flight since it is scheduled to leave 1.25 hours after the original arrival time of the first flight.  Learn that a change of terminals is required, concern heightens.

Original departure time comes and goes: the clock is ticking.  My name is called to come to the ticket counter to reschedule.  Balk on the reschedule and decided to roll the dice.

Plane finally shows an 1.75 hours late.  During the flight I come to the conclusion that if I make the connecting flight there is no stinking way by luggage will.

Plane lands with 15 minutes to change terminals and catch the connecting flight.  Running is required. (which always sucks).  Out of breath but makes it.  Time to board comes and goes.  The flight is delayed due to mechanical problems.  Thirty minutes go by, an hour goes by, an hour and a half goes by.  Starting to think that dinner plans are probably off.

Finally at 6:30 p.m flight is boarded.  At 7:30 p.m the flight is clear for takeoff.

Arrive Ft. Lauderdale at 10:30 p.m.

To rental car company, have an interesting conversation about "Lonesome Dove".  Car procured along with directions to Deerfield Beach.  

About the time I saw the exit to merge on to I75 I stared thinking that maybe something was wrong.  When the road signs started to count down the miles to Naples, I was sure something was wrong.

Back track and looking for I95,  Finally found it and headed north.  Then the haunting thought came:  I had no idea what exit to take.  Finally decided I had driven enough so I stopped and entered a bar and asked for directions to the hotel.  They assured me I wasn't all that far from it, and directions were given.  Directions were correct but not executed.   When I saw the Boca Fire Department, I suspected something had gone wrong.

Call the hotel and ask how to get there.  Actually followed the directions.

12:45 a.m: arrive at the hotel.

Total flight time: 3 hours 38 minutes.

Total time of the trip: 14 hours.