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Fish Wrap - Marlins 6 Dodgers 3

Let's see if this will post.  Okay, it did, now edit away.

Now for another recap of a game I only partially saw since I was on the phone most of the night. 

Josh Johnson wasn't stellar, but he wasn't off either.  Johnson just pitched his usual quality start giving the team every chance to win the game.  And that is just what happened.  Johnson gave up three runs on five hits while striking out four.  For a lessor pitcher this would have been a great night at the park, but for JJ -- just another day at the office.  It must be nice to be that good.

On the offensive side of things Wes Helms (Grit #1) provided most of the theatrics early by driving in the first run and getting the hit that confused Orlando Hudson enough that he threw the ball into the dugout to score another.

With the score tied at three, Fredi decided to use Hermida and Coghlan as pinch hitters though neither have had a pinch hit all season.  By taking this roll of the dice the Marlins were rewarded with a RBI hit by Hermida to give the Fish the lead and a home run by Coghlan to ice the game.

The bullpen took it home from here.

All in all, it was just another routine Marlins win.

(Note: the first couple of versions of this recap were a lot better, but they wouldn't post.  Such is life.)