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Ricky Nolasco at the Bat

Ricky Nolasco is starting to figure out the Marlins aren't paying to him to bat.

Nolasco faced nine pitches while batting in the seventh inning, fouling off five before striking out swinging for the third out. He then went to mound and got just one out before leaving with the bases loaded.

"Stupid at bat," Nolasco said. "I took like six huge swings. I'll never do that again, that's for sure."

So, what will he do next time? "Just strike out. Not swing like that. I knew I was going to strike out anyways."

 While Ricky's OBP is the best amongst the Marlins pitchers and only .097 behind Bonifacio, if the Marlins are counting on him getting on base, we need a new top of the order. (That is a discussion for another day.)  The bullpen is on fire, so Ricky taking some hacks isn't that bad of a deal.  But the bullpen won't always be on fire, so if the starting pitcher takes it easy at the plate, no big deal.  As I alluded to before, no one expects him to be Micah Owings.