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Marlins at Comic-con

The Marlins are hanging around San Diego for the off-day and they will get to experience something unique in human behavior.

The Marlins have two full days off after sweeping the Padres and will spend an extra day in San Diego before busing to Los Angeles Friday morning.

Maybe it is how one calculates days off, but the Marlins are only off on Thursday.

But now, to the interesting part of the story.

And while being forced to lounge around Southern California is not going to gain the players any sympathy, they will not have the city to themselves. More than 125,000 people are descending upon the city today for the annual Comic-Con, a four-day convention for comic fans, who typically dress up as their favorite super hero.

Most of the activities are being held at the convention center next to the team hotel, which is sold out and housing many of the participants. A Zombie Parade will be held Thursday night.

They tell me attending such events is a load of fun and if you are in San Diego area and want to know where it is happening just email me and I will let you know.  But there is one condition, you have to take a camera along with you.  'Cause this could be interesting.

I'm guessing the Marlins are holding up in San Diego because the hotel they are going to in Los Angeles isn't quite ready for them.  But it does have, at least someone, rethinking the travel schedule.


Director of team travel Bill Beck wasn’t quite as excited to be part of the crowd.

"Maybe we should have left," Beck said.

 While I'm not all that excited about the team busing into L.A. for the day of the game, and I do understand that most aren't that far removed from the bus leagues.  However, how often does one get to witness a Zombie Parade?