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Why was Gaby Sanchez brought up?

The Marlins have made it clear that Gaby Sanchez is up to just ride the pine.

"We'll use him as a pinch-hitter, and maybe give him a start when we can here and there," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "He can play both corners, with first base being the better one. He's got the ability to be the third catcher. He's caught before."


Emilio Bonifacio remains the starting third baseman, with Wes Helms being the first choice to fill in, however Sanchez could factor into the mix.

Yeah, right behind Ross Gload and still Bonifacio is allowed to haunt me on my computer screen and in my dreams.

I'm not surprised Bonifacio still has the job at third.  He probably will all season long and after it is over we will be assured that he really improved and how he was an asset to the team.  While this will insult our intelligence, we will get to hear it anyway.  If the Marlins would at very least, and I mean at the very least, platoon Bonifacio and Sanchez with Gaby facing right-handed pitchers, I still wouldn't be happy but it would show some understanding of the situation.  They won't, the front office hates to admit mistakes.

The question I have is why even bother to call Gaby up?  Sanchez has some talent and wouldn't it be better if he were playing everyday in the minors instead of assuming the Robert Andino memorial spot on the bench?  The Marlins don't need him as a back up for the corner spots, the gritty ones (Helms and Gload) can do that.  If they want a third catcher up with the team, then bring up a catcher.  If they want a pinch hitter, younger players typically don't perform all that well in that duty.  It is a skill that seems to improve with age.  And anyway, we have the gritty ones.

It is just stupid to have him ride the pine.