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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Padres 2

This is going to be the shortest recap of a game that took place at night on the West Coast.  Normally I see these things from start to finish, but that didn't happen for this game.  Had some stuff that needed to be done.

So to the box score we go.

Chris Volstad was apparently on his game giving up only one run in seven innings on just four hits.  The four walks is a bit of a concern but he worked his way around them.

John Baker and Jorge Cantu provided timely RBI.  Cantu with a runner in scoring position delivered a hit to actually scored a runner.  That we haven't seen much of lately.  Hermida hit a SF in the fifth to provide all the runs the Marlins would need.

The bullpen was a little more shaky than usual but brought the game home for the win.

I guess the weird part was: How the heck do you get twelve hits and only score three runs?

Oh well.

Just another routine Marlins win.