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Padres going on the cheap

The San Diego Padres are using creative ways to save money which invariably leads to losing money, but I guess they tried.

The breaks: The Padres are looking for ways to save money and one of those was to cut out the use of their private plane for their All-Stars. So Gonzalez and Bell were forced to connect twice between San Francisco and St. Louis, in Las Vegas and Indianapolis.

The pair missed their flight in Indianapolis and when they were told they could not get to St. Louis before 2 p.m. Monday, Gonzalez got the luggage, Bell got the car and the organization got a $400 drop charge.

Normally for the All-Star game the two teams who are playing each other in the game right before the break workout some deal where they share a charter to carry both of the teams' players to the game.  But apparently, the Padres didn't want to kick in.

No wonder Bell got the loss in the game, nothing like a frantic 250 mile drive to get a player ready for the game.