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Sports in Miami

Men's Health put together a list and ranked the best sports towns in the U.S.

From Ethan Skolnick's blog:

This is paraphrased from a press release:

Men's Health ranked 100 major U.S. cities on "their sports-obsessed citizenry" in the July/August 2009 issue. The magazine tallied how many people attend baseball, basketball, and football games (college and pro), as well as who’s showing up at high-school sporting events. Men’s Health also factored in NASCAR attendance and who’s catching their sports on TV and radio from SimplyMap. In addition, Men’s Health looked at the number of people vying for tickets to any sport, who’s buying the most team apparel, and finally, how many people call themselves foam-finger-waving fanatics from Scarborough Sports Marketing. 



But no one fared worse than us.

No. 100? Dead last?

Miami, FL.

Of course.


Why am I not surprised?

Without a doubt, the fans in South Florida are the best to be found, anywhere.  Unfortunately, there aren't that many of us.  But with a little luck the ranks will be growing, it just takes time.