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Fish Wrap - Marlins 5 Phillies 6

This out to be a fun recap since when I finally got home I tuned-in in time to see the umps calling for the grounds crew to put the tarp on the field.  So let's go to the box score, apparently the game got off to a crappy start when Utley hit a two-run home run in the first.  And things would get worse in the fourth when the Phillies strung four hits together to take the lead 4-1.  Then the rains came.

After about an one-hour eight minute delay, play resumed.

The game would stay at 4-1 until the seventh when Ross Gload hit a pinch-hit single to score Paulino.  With two outs and men on first and third, Bonifacio decided to bunt down the third base line so Feliz, who was playing in, would have a simple play to end the inning.  Dude, if you are going to bunt in that situation, use a drag bunt to first, it is your only hope of keeping the inning going, but of course he didn't.  After seven the score was 4-2.

In the eighth Paulino singled home Hanley to get the score to 4-3 with two outs.  Helms came out of the infirmary to hit a pinch-hit single to tie the score.  Afterwards, the Marlins load the bases and Coghlan struck out by taking a very boarder line pitch.  Score now 4-4.

In the ninth, the Fish put runners on first and second with no outs, and there they stayed.  Another opportunity wasted.

Extra innings here we come.

Let's move ahead to the 12th when the Phillies scored two runs, in this inning the Hopper was on the mound and really didn't do anything wrong.  He threw his sinker the Phillies hit ground balls but unfortunately the defense couldn't come with them.  Also in the mix was one crappy throw by Hermida who had a chance to keep the Phillies scoring at one but he decided a fifteen hop throw to home was the thing to do from shallow right field.

In the bottom of the 12th, with one out Lidge walk two Marlins and Volstad, we were out of position players, sacrificed them over to second and third.  Now with two outs, Lidge uncorked a wild pitch that could have easily scored two runs, but out of some miracle it stayed out of the dugout and only one scored.  Uggla would ground out to end the game.

The Marlins had their chances to win the game, but they didn't capitalize, and in the end couldn't even get lucky.

Momma told me there would be days like these.