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Matt Lindstrom update

Matt Lindstrom is scheduled for a bullpen session today and again on Tuesday and may face live hitters within a week or so.  But that isn't the park that piques my interest, it was when he said this:

"I’m pretty optimistic about everything,’’ said Lindstrom, who has been out since June 24 with a sprained right elbow. "There’s no hesitation. There’s really no thought in my mind that it might hurt.’’


"It feels a lot different because I’m not coming from the side as much, or three-quarters,’’ he said. "I’m coming over the top and creating an angle. It’s coming out of my hand a little bit later than it usually was and I haven’t been opening up my front shoulder as much, showing the hitter the baseball, so that’s a good thing.’’

Are they changing Lindstrom's delivery?  It is true throwing more over the top takes pressure off the elbow and shoulder, so if they are, it might just be in response to injury.  But if I had to guess there is more concern about his release creating better angles than there is about relieving pressure on the elbow.  Then again, it could be just one of the cases that is win-win, if they indeed are changing his deliver, and it sounds like they are to me.

New deliveries normally some time before a pitcher is able to replicate it over and over without thinking about it.  We will see.