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The Batting Stance Guy to do Marlins promos

I got an email about this and I'm not exactly sure what it meant, but apparently the Batting Stance Guy is going to be a part of the Marlins promotions.

In case you didn't see him on The Letterman Show, and I didn't, here he is:

Here he is doing the Marlins past and present.

Supposedly towards the end of the week you will his work in action on the Marlins telecast.  Let me know if you like it or hate it, 'cause we will know there is nothing but zero/one in life.  And I will pass along the information.

I do know this, he beats the heck out of Kevin Gregg's tobacco free Florida commercial.  Then again, on second thought, I will never forget Kevin Gregg's ad spot and this may or may not end up being permanently etched into my brain.

Whatever the case, let me know what you think.