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Fish Wrap - Marlins 0 Diamondbacks 8

 Either the Marlins spent too much time celebrating the comeback win or this is one of those times you just tip your cap to the opponent.  I'm guessing the latter.

Ricky Nolasco wasn't anywhere near at his best, but to his credit he stayed out on the mound and gave the Marlins six innings and saved the bullpen.  Which is a good thing, because there were only two choices since the Hopper wasn't available, take Ricky out after just 3.1 innings and use most every relief pitcher the Marlins have or let him battle through it.  Fortunately Ricky battled through it, because it was night that the offense couldn't do anything against the opposing pitcher, so why waste the bullpen.

Dan Haren was on top of his game which almost always means you aren't going to score many, if any, runs against him.  And sure enough the Marlins didn't and Haren went the distance for a complete game shutout.

Oh well, tip of the cap, and try it again tomorrow.