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Florida Marlins - West Coast viewing kit

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If you are going to be one of the ones who follow the trials and tribulations of the Florida Marlins into the wee morning hours, you are going to need this kit.

Florida Marlins 15oz Tankard, 15oz Ceramic Mug & 2oz Shot Glass Set - Primary Logo.

The tankard is used at the beginning of the game while hope is still high.  The ceramic mug is used to stay awake when the Marlins fall seemly hopelessly behind, and you know what to do with the shot glass when the unbelievable rally takes place.

Believe me, you will need all three.

Games are bit different when out west and require specialized tools to make it through till the end.  But you will be happy you did.  Now, if we can just find a book of excuses on why you're late to work, the kit will be complete.