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Matt Lindstrom ahead of schedule

Apparently Matt Lindstrom is recovering quicker than anyone expected.

Matt Lindstrom indicated that he could resume throwing sooner than expected. Lindstrom, who has been on the disabled list since June 23 with a sprained right elbow, was examined again Monday.

Gonzalez initially said Lindstrom would not be permitted to throw for a minimum of four weeks, with a late-July return to the mound being the ''best-case'' scenario.

But there is a chance that Lindstrom could begin throwing again Friday. The Marlins said he is ahead of schedule, but they don't have a timetable on his return.

Assuming the team doctor isn't Nick Riviera, M.D. and there is no guarantee that he is not, I guess you have to trust the medical opinion on whether he is ready or not.  But this does seem like a rush job if he starts throwing by Friday.

In other injury news, Alfredo Amezaga is heading to Colorado to see a specialist about his knee.

Hope it is good news.