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Fish Wrap - Marlins 7 Nationals 5

Talk about the good timing, the Marlins had it last night.

The Nationals had the lead at 5-1 at the end of fifth due to West not being sharp at all and the Nationals pitcher, Stammen, who was killing us, not so much with his arm but his at bats were doing a lot of damage.  The Marlins only run in first five innings came because Ryan Zimmerman decided to take the night off defensively.  And when Zimmerman takes a night off from playing defense - he takes the night off.  (More in just a second)

As it would turnout the Marlins were fortunate to get into the Nationals pen in sixth inning because getting into the Nationals pen is normally the way the Fish beat the team from Washington.  At least it has been true for this year.

In the sixth after a couple of Marlins hits, and a wild pitch, followed by a Hanley Ramirez home run.  The score was 5-4,  with the Nats in the lead.

In the seventh, a hit, a couple of walks, another error by Zimmerman, and Hanley and Cantu driving in three more runs gave the Fish the lead.  And then the rains came.  And rain it did, to the point the umpires finally called the game resulting in a Marlins win.

The Marlins this season haven't had a video review go their way, though at least one should have, but when it comes to rain shortened games - the team is gold.

All in all it was just another routine Marlins win.