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MLB Draft - Day One

The MLB Draft first three rounds are tonight and the Marlins are making the 18th, 66th and 97th pick.

If you want to follow along live, you have several options, a couple being: will offer live coverage and analysis of the entire First-Year Player Draft, beginning Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET. The MLB Network will broadcast the first round on Tuesday evening from its Studio 42 in Secaucus, N.J., and those 32 selections also will be simulcast live on

Beginning with the 33rd pick, up-to-the-minute on-air coverage from the remaining rounds will shift exclusively to, where host Vinny Micucci will be joined by Draft expert Jonathan Mayo and Major League Scouting Bureau director Frank Marcos.

Also, you have the option of the following it "live" on twitter:


If this is all way too confusing, you can always just go to MLB Draft Central, they have all the links to everything draft related.

MLB Draft Central

Your other option is to watch the Marlins and we will fill you in as we go.  I'm not sure I will get home from work in time for the Marlins first pick, but I could.  (assuming my luck changes)  But one of the FishStripers will definitely have the latest information.