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Fish Wrap - Marlins 2 Giants 3

Ricky Nolasco made his return to the rotation and by my judgement pitched well.  Oh sure, he gave up 10 hits but the majority of those were on off  balanced desperation swings which resulted in bloop hits.  While he spent most of the night pitching from the stretch, he was able to work around it and only gave up two earned runs in seven innings.  Ricky did fine, the problem was that the hitters couldn't solve Lincecum, which made them about normal when compared to the rest of the league.

The only bright spots on offense were provided by Chris Coghlan and Ross Gload.  Sadly, it wasn't enough for the Marlins to win the game.

Note: this is the second game in the series where if the Fish would've had a timely hit, they could've won the game.  But for some reason clutch hitting is eluding the team at the moment.

We try it again tomorrow.