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Dan Uggla Piggy Bank

If you are going to the game today, you may want to get there early.

Sarah Talalay fills us in:

The Marlins are giving "Dan Uggla head" banks to the first 5,000 kids attending Sunday’s game versus the San Francisco Giants at Land Shark Stadium.

Not a full body piggybank or even a bust. It’s a five-inch polyresin bank that resembles the second baseman’s head – complete with blue eyes and eye black.

To see a picture of the giveaway, click on the link.

 As you have figured out already, getting there early may be a necessary condition, but it is not a sufficient condition.  To say it another way, you are going to need to either bring a kid along with you that is bribable. i.e. trade you that bank for a frozen lemonade, or be willing to steal from a kid when he is not looking.

 No one said it was going to be easy.