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Josh Johnson to lose millions?

Not too sure about this, but here it is from Baseball Prospectus. (at least the intro since it is a pay to play article.  actually I think Will wants me to use the term premium content -- so premium content it is.)

If they keep it up, the Marlins bullpen could cost Josh Johnson millions. Johnson is presently 4-1 with a 2.66 ERA, but he should have more wins than the four he has to his credit. That's because Johnson has made quality starts in nine of 11 outings. His record doesn't reflect just how well he has pitched, in part because of middling run support (4.3 runs per game), but in larger part due to his bullpen.

Since Johnson is still under club rule, i.e. he doesn't have 6 years of service time, isn't that the role of the arbitrator to take into account this kind of stuff and make sure he is not cheated out of  "millions"?

Also, there is no way in the world Matt Sosnick will let this happen, he is too good of an agent.  While a lot of agents get a well deserved bad rep, Sosnick is one of the good guys who takes care of his players because he actually cares about them.

I don't see this as a future monetary problem for Johnson.  However, the bullpen blowing his leads after he leaves the game, is a huge problem for the Marlins in the win/loss column.