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Getting someone to notice

The members of Zephyrs got a lesson about life in the minors.

The Zephyrs were floundering as they reached the final week of May.

Losing the final three games of a series at Reno, the Zephyrs fell to a season-worst 13 games under .500. Manager Edwin Rodriguez had seen enough.

"You're not just passing through here. You have to perform here," Rodriguez said he told the players at a meeting. "Everything, it's not in your control. You're not just playing for the Marlins; you're playing for 29 other teams."

So what if you are the short stop and you're blocked by Hanley Ramirez, your goal is to get someone, anyone, to notice your play and want you.  Even if you do get other teams to take note, that doesn't necessarily mean you will be traded, since you could get held down in the minors for insurance purposes.  But there is this thing called the Rule Five Draft  that will only allow that to happen for so long.  And even if you do make it up to the big club and are forced to ride the pine, they can't keep you there forever. (See Robert Andino.)  

All minor leaguers everywhere are showing casing their talent for every club in the majors, not just the parent team.