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Fish Wrap - Marlins 2 Rays 3

Didn't see the game, so let's go to the box score.

If I'm reading this right, Bonifacio got a very rare walk and actually stole a couple of bases without getting caught, another rarity.  Then Ramirez drove him in on a ground ball out.

In the third inning Brett Carroll hit his second career home run to left.  And ladies and gentlemen, that would be the end of the Marlins scoring for the game.

On the pitching side of things, Volstad performed well during his six innings of work, but still is giving up home runs incredibly often for a sinker ball pitcher.  Also Volstad threw a career high 116 pitches, with him being so big and strong, it probably won't affect him next time out, but is something to keep an eye on.  But when Chris left the game the score was tied 2-2.

The bullpen did okay, but not okay enough to keep from getting the loss in the game.  Sanchez pitched a strong inning.  Nunez returned from the ankle strain and pitch what looks to be a very event filled scoreless inning.  After that, the Hopper came on and got an out before giving up a single to Bartlett, who promptly stole second and moved to third on a wild pitch.  The wild pitch probably just hasten what was going to eventually happen.  If the wild pitch never occurred, Bartlett probably steals third anyway to put the Fish in the same situation.  A sacrifice fly later, and the Fish lose.

I've read box scores that I liked better this one....just saying.