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The Marlins will face Scott Kazmir

The Rays are planning on activating Scott Kazmir off the DL to start against the Marlins.

Scott Kazmir will start against the Florida Marlins on Saturday. Or Sunday.


This much is certain: The Rays feel Kazmir does not need another rehab start and will be activated from the disabled list this weekend to start in place of Niemann (Saturday) or Price (Sunday).

Oh great.

Kazmir proved during his rehab starts that he was too good for the minors, big surprise.  The lefty's major league season, so far, hasn't been very Kazmir-like: losing 2 mph on his fast ball and having to throw his slider more often, which wasn't working all that well.  But now that his quad is presumably healed, we could face the Kazmir of old.

But hopefully not.