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A couple of Marlins react to Michael Jackson's death

Cody Ross and Dan Uggla gave their responses to hearing the news about the death of the pop legend.

"It's a bad day for the music industry, or for anybody," Cody Ross of the Marlins said after his team's game.


"I was said," Florida's Dan Uggla said, and that pretty much summed up what Thursday was like for a lot of people.

 I assume Danny said sad, and "said" is a typo.

 My heart goes out to Jackson's family and friends.

But that is not the reason I am writing this post, the reason is:  I have a Michael Jackson story....well, sort of.

Once upon a time I worked for a very rich man who owned a professional sports team along with the stadium they played in.  Now I had nothing to do with the team, I was in the business operations that made the buying of the team possible.

Michael Jackson was beyond famous for all sorts of reasons at the time and he was scheduled to play a concert in the sports venue.  Seeing how he was playing in the stadium the owner of the stadium, my boss, received of a lot of free tickets to the concert, which he was more than willing to give away.

I was working in a satellite office about 300 miles away from the home office and this call came in from the big boss:

"Hey, do any of y'all want to go see this Mickey Jenkins fellow?"

We said no, stifling laughs.  It was a weekday concert.  After the call was over we looked at each other and wondered how the heck could he not know who Michael Jackson was.

True story.

RIP Mickey Jenkins.