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Fish Wrap - Marlins 11 Orioles 3

The Marlins completed the sweep of the Orioles to go two games above .500 for the first time since May 10.  Also, the Fish find themselves one game out of first place.

Kinda hard to recap this game, but I will try.

Sean West rallied back from his last start and pitched six scoreless innings.  We got to see the major league debut of Tim Wood and he pitched well.  He probably is going to see some more action after the night's performance.

Every position player starter for the Marlins had at least two hits with the exception of Coghlan who had only one.  Hanley hit his second grand slam in three days which was his third of the season to tie Cody for the team lead at three.  Basically the Marlins hitters were teeing off and the game was over by the third inning.

The Marlins haven't had many laughers this season, but this was one.  It was just pleasant game with the boys with the bats doing there thing and West being spotted to a big lead just cruise.

All in all, just another routine Marlins win.