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Marlins Community Sales Force

If you have found yourself out of work, and we may all be there soon, the Marlins are offering a possible solution.

The Marlins Community Sales Force (MCSF) is a first-of-its-kind program created to provide an opportunity for individuals (18+ years old) who are currently out of work or looking for a new source of income, to earn money by selling Marlins ticket plans.

The program is intended to allow participants to earn income, develop and maintain professional skills, establish new business networks and potentially earn a full-time position with the Marlins organization.

 Click on the link for more details.  If you take the Marlins up on their offer, let us know.  We have a bunch of FishStripers who have various ticket packages and we can route their renewal to you.  Which possibly will put you in the top performing category.  We do that for each other....We are FishStripers.