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Fish Wrap - Marlins 5 Orioles 2

Ricky Nolasco was dealing tonight and when Ricky has his stuff working he can shut any team down, the Orioles were no exception.

Nolasco went seven innings, gave up 0 ER on 7 hits along with 7 strikeouts and only one walk.  When Ricky is on, he is an absolute pleasure to watch.

Cody spent most of the night hitting doubles and driving in Danny and their 1-2 punch, would prove to be more than enough for a quality Nolasco start.  Actually, Hanley's first inning single would have been enough if everything would have gone right in the fielding department.  Bonifacio screwed things up for both teams in the game.  For the Marlins he committed a throwing error that allowed runs to score.  For the Orioles he caused them to make errors, so he could score.  I guess he about broke even.

Dan Meyer came on to close the game in the ninth.  Meyer promptly showed he didn't know the first thing about closing games.  He pitched a 1-2-3 inning on 11 pitches with 7 of them for strikes.  Doesn't he know that the job of the closer is to put the tying runs on and bring the go ahead run to the plate?  I mean he didn't even bother to walk the leadoff hitter.  I thought he was a better student of the game than that.  Oh well.

The Marlins are above .500 for the first time since May 12.

All in all, just another routine Marlins win.