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Fish Wrap - Marlins 2 Yankees 1

I'm in a nine-line bind, so this will be very quick.  (If i need to explain mechanics to you so that statement makes sense, perhaps I will later.)

The present Marlin, Josh Johnson, out dueled the former Marlin, A.J. Burnett, in last night's game.

A.J. got an education about the present Marlins team in that if you leave a fast ball over the plate, it doesn't matter what the velocity of said ball is, the Marlins will make contact.  And sometimes it goes a long way.

For all of the Yankees fans out there, which includes the media, who are blaming their offense for the loss, get a grip, it doesn't matter how much your players are paid.  When J.J. is on, no team has success.  Well, except for the Marlins, but in different way.  He is just that good.

Basically, just another routine Marlins win.