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Brett Carroll and Brian Sanches tour the Monster

Brett Carroll and Brian Sanches found a way to kill time during the rain delay.

OF Brett Carroll and RHP Brian Sanches killed time during a 2 hour and 27 minute rain delay by taking a tour inside the Green Monster. The innards of the left-field wall are famous for all of the signatures written by players over the past decades.

"We went back there to sign our names and look at some of the signatures. The scorekeeper told us a few stories," Sanches said.

"It was a great opportunity to go see history. Most of the time you’re playing in histirca parks and you don’t actually have time to go see it."

Some of the signatures they recall seeing? Bernie Williams, Pedro Martinez Carlton Fisk, Andy Pettitte.

"I messed with Carroll a little bit," Sanches said. "I asked him. Did you write over Ted Williams?"

Carroll did not.

Interesting the names that they recalled seeing, obviously they are not schooled well in "ancient" baseball history.  Nonetheless, I'm sure it was a thrill.