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Former Marlins in the news

There were some articles on former Marlins and I thought I would pass them along.

First: Robert Andino is making the grade in Baltimore.

I won't make the Wally Pipp comparison, but Cesar Izturis' appendectomy has created an opportunity for Robert Andino to play every day. And he's seizing it with gusto.

Andino drove in three runs yesterday, matching his total for the entire season. He's batting .257, which opens your eyes when you consider that he hit .201 in 144 at-bats over parts of four seasons with the Florida Marlins. He's showing off tremendous range and soft hands in the field.

Sounds like Dino is working out better for the Orioles than Hayden Penn did for us.  Good for Robert.

Second: Scott Olsen goes to Cooperstown.

...Scott Olsen, who has won 32 big-league contests since debuting with the Florida Marlins four years ago this month and was in Cooperstown -- Cooperstown! -- for a rehabilitation start.

First, the poor guy gets tendinitis in his shoulder; then, he's told by his superiors with the Nationals in Washington to get well at dinky Doubleday Field. No wonder Scott wasn't pleased on Sunday and left the scene of his four-hit, two-run, twowalk stint of three innings well ahead of his mates, some of whom had it tougher than he did.


''This might sound bad,'' said Pawtucket manager Ron Johnson, ''but I don't think players of this caliber should play here. The field needs a lot of work. There were potholes in the infield and there's no grounds crew to drag the dirt, so that was bad, too. It became more of a survival game, you know what I mean?

I imagine Scottie O. wasn't at all thrilled about it.  There isn't a lot of about Ollie in the article but it is a pretty interesting read about Abner Doubleday Field.

Finally: Ivan Rodriguez  ties catching mark.

Astros C Ivan Rodriguez tied Bob Boone for second place all-time by catching his 2,225th game Sunday.  He is one game behind Carlton Fisk's record.

Congrats Pudge.  And oh, Big Moe was the winning pitcher in the game.

There is probably more news out there but those are the ones I found in an increbily lazy web search.