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Mike Stanton likes his choice

Mike Stanton had the chance to play both football and baseball in college, instead he opted for professional baseball and doesn't have any regrets.

Marlins prospect could have played for Southern Cal

Sure, there are still times when Jacksonville Suns right fielder Michael Stanton dreams of running routes for Pete Carroll's Southern Cal Trojans.

That is, until he hits a baseball 400-plus feet and is running around the bases.

Then, he knows passing up the opportunity to become a two-sport star and a tight end for one of the nation's premier collegiate programs was worth signing his professional contract with the Florida Marlins.

"You know, it was a big decision, the biggest decision of my life," Stanton said. "I just put together all the pros and cons, and it came out that this was the best decision for me, and I don't regret it one bit."

And judging by the way he is moving up through the system, he made the right choice.  Go ahead and read the article and learn a few things about the young Mr. Stanton.