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Anibal Sanchez to the DL; Chris Coghlan called up

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The Marlins placed Anibal Sanchez on the 15-day DL, right shoulder strain, and started the clock on Chris Coghlan.

With right-hander Anibal Sanchez headed for the disabled list, the Marlins are promoting infielder Chris Coghlan from Triple-A New Orleans, vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings told the New Orleans Times Picayune.




Coghlan has split time between second and third base, but Thursday he started in left field.

The Coghlan addition may indicate the Marlins are prepared to dip into the bullpen to fill Sanchez's rotation spot. Burke Badenhop could get that assignment when Sanchez's turn comes up again Tuesday in Milwaukee.


I have been sitting around trying to wrap my mind around this move and I still don't know what to think.  I have no problem with the Hopper getting the start on May 12 in Milwaukee, if that indeed happens.  Hayden Penn probably couldn't give the team a 80-100 pitch start at this point in the season.  Dan Meyer might be able to, but his value as a left-hander in bullpen almost requires him to remain there.  So that leaves the Hopper, which is fine.  Miller Park is a good place to start a sinker ball pitcher.


So basically the Marlins have decided to go with 11 pitchers and 14 position players until....who knows.


One of the parts of the move that is kinda weird to me is that in the past, in Coors and Miller, we have ran out of pitchers before we ran out of hitters.  Not to mention after the road trip the Marlins play 13 games without a break.  In that time, the bullpen may see extensive action.  Maybe not, hopefully.  But I wouldn't count on it.


Which brings us to Coghlan, who in my projections will be in the starting lineup in 2010.  What exactly is he going to do?  As in, where is he going to play?  There is no way the team sits Danny.  He could spell Bonifacio at third, I guess.  Hopefully he will never see the outfield in Coors, that thing is huge.


Also, if he is used strictly off the bench, young guys typically don't make the best pinch hitters.


This move to bring up Coghlan now, confuses me.


Have they seen enough of Bonficaio?  Doubtful.  Trade Danny this early?  Not likely.  I truly doubt he is here to help out in the outfield with Carroll already on the squad.


Like I said, I'm confused by the move.


Anyway, Welcome to the Majors Chris!