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Cameron Maybin to stay in the majors

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The Marlins aren't, for now, considering sending Cameron Maybin down to the minors.

Earlier, Gonzalez was asked if the Marlins were considering sending Maybin to the minors to work out his struggles. “No,’’ Gonzalez said. “We haven’t even discussed it. I think we need to keep playing him. I think we got to run him out there and play him.’’

Maybin is batting .208 and leads the team with 29 strikeouts. The Marlins said as early as spring training that they expected young players such as Maybin to struggle as he adjusts to his first full season in the majors.

“Did anybody not think he was not going to struggle?’’ Gonzalez asked…

There is no doubt that Maybin has talent, but he is young....very young.  The majors are a tough place to do on-the-job training, but it has been done successfully in the past.  (Aside: it also hasn't worked)  The key to the whole thing is not Maybin's physical skills but his mental makeup.  If he can handle the struggles and remains confident in his abilities he will eventually shine.  Of course there are a few things that Fredi could do to help him, like shaking things up a little and moving him out of the eight-hole.  But when it is all said and done, it is the player who has to make the necessary adjustments.

There are, at this point, the way I see it, only two options: 1) keep sending him out there or 2) send him down and move Cody to center and put Carroll in right.  Putting him on the bench is not an option.  He needs to play.

While I would love to see Carroll get some time as a starter, for a change.  It is just too early in the season to give up on the idea of Maybin as the everyday center fielder.