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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Reds 2

I'm told that Josh Johnson started the game and pitched well and left after seven-plus with the game tied.  I kinda remember that.  At that point the bullpens took over for both teams and actually did well.  So the game went 14 innings and the Marlins finally won on a errant throw by Janish.

As you would think, going 14 innings means the bullpen for the Marlins saw a ton of action, but isn't as bad as it sounds.

Meyer only threw 2 pitches, Nunez - 22, Lindstrom - 12 and Pinto - 20.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he expected everyone in the bullpen, with the exception of Badenhop, to be available to pitch on Tuesday when the mini-series with the Reds concludes.

The Hopper will get some, well deserved, days of rest after pitching the final three innings.

But all in all, it was just another routine Marlins win.