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The walking wounded find the mound

Andrew Miller, Scott Proctor and Rick VandenHurk all worked off the mound today.

It was a busy afternoon in the bullpen Monday as three injured Marlins pitchers -- Andrew Miller, Scott Proctor and Rick VandenHurk -- took turns throwing off the mound. Of the three, Miller is the closest to a return, but is scheduled for at least two rehab starts before making his way back on the roster. Miller is down to make a rehab start on Wednesday for Single A Jupiter and another on Monday for Double A Jacksonville.

One interesting note with Miller: he acknowledged that his new delivery contributed to the oblique injury that landed him on the disabled list. But Miller said he won't go back to the old way of throwing after he returns from the DL.


Miller said he is hoping additional stretching exercises will improve his flexiblity and prevent the injury from happening again.


So Miller will be available in 16 days at the earliest with Proctor and VandenHurk somewhat later than that.  Now you know.