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Giving up the Grand Slam

As everyone who follows the Marlins knows, they are giving up grand slams at a breakneck pace.

Sunday it was former Marlin Derrek Lee who jacked one off Ricky Nolasco with the based loaded, sending the Marlins to a 6-4 loss. For those of you who've lost count, that makes three on the road trip and five in 25 games this season. The most the Marlins have ever allowed in one season is seven.

With the bases loaded, opponents are now 10 for 33 (.303) with a double, five homers, 34 RBI and four walks against the Marlins. The National League average for pitching staffs with the bags juiced entering Sunday's games: 5 for 22 (.227) with one double, no homers and 17 RBI.

Hopefully this is just another strange coincidence and we are getting them out of the way early.

But in case the team needs a lesson about giving up the grand slam, GameFish has provided a simple primer.


Yes, it is required reading for all of the pitchers and the material will be on the exam.