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Another Long Delay for a Marlins Pitcher

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If you saw yesterday's game you noticed, one again, the opponent freezing our pitcher in a tight situation.

Tom D'Angelo presents it this way.

Another game, another Marlins pitcher standing around the mound.

This time, the intent did not appear as calculated as when the Mets made Matt Lindstrom wait in the ninth inning on Wednesday, a ploy for which Mets manager Jerry Manuel was fined an undisclosed amount by the league.

Maybe it wasn't "as calculated".  Or maybe Lou Piniella is just a better actor than Jerry Manuel.

Nolasco had this to say:

“I don’t understand what’s going on,” Nolasco said. “I don’t know how that’s acceptable. It doesn’t affect me but it’s just odd. I don’t know how it’s allowed to happen.”

Baker said this:

Catcher John Baker doesn’t like the trend.

“I thought he was going pretty well until that weird break,” Baker said about Nolasco. “It’s frustrating. You got a guy in a big situation standing on the mound. It’s not necessarily an excuse for him but it sort of is.”

I have no idea whether this is just a strange coincidence or is a very sorry trend that could continue.  I would like to say it is former, however, give me two data points and I can draw a straight line.

If you read the whole linked post it will attribute the delay to Harden changing his shoes.  I sorry, but that isn't a reason to hold up the game.  If the guy you would like to send in is wearing the wrong type of shoes.  Either send him in with the wrong shoes or get someone else who is wearing the proper foot ware.  Don't hold up the game in the middle of an inning because a player decided it was casual Sunday.