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FishStripes News

I'm traveling to attend a wedding and will be on the road for today and the weekend.  If the hotel's website is accurate I should have internet access, when I have some free time.

So what does this mean to you, if something happens big time with the Marlins write a fan post and I will promote it to the front page when I see it.  Hey, we are all in this together.  If it is just the usual weekend in New York where the Marlins win two of three, then no big deal.

The Open Threads will be on the timer and will hopefully post when they should.

The best part of the trip will come on Sunday when my nieces and I will be attending the Rangers vs. A's ball game.  Should be fun, I hope they know where we are going.

So if you are a Marlins fan in the Dallas area (I think they call it the Metroplex) and see someone driving around dazed and confused, that is me.