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Time for some Marlins rookie hazing

The Marlins must be feeling good about themselves and what better to celebrate than haze the rookies.  (note: the link is the general link to the Sun-Sentinel blog, their server is screwed up at the moment and it won't respond to the permalink.  So the following is on there, somewhere.)


Suddenly, the good times are rolling for the Marlins, who used Wednesday night's bus trip to NYC as a chance to endulge in the baseball tradition of rookie hazing.

Several Marlins rookies, including Sean West, Cristhian Martinez and Chris Coghlan, were made to dress up in skirts and other goofy outfits for the ride to New York.

Typically this is done in September after the callups get here, and perhaps this year's team will take another run at it later. But veteran Wes Helms took the lead and decided to stage the stunt now, with some help from Dan Uggla and others.

D_Stro via twitter adds a little more fashion detail.

The attire was black short skirts with pink stripe on side & buttondowns tied in front to show their stomachs

I'm sure the ensemble looked quite lovely on the rookies.

Normally someone video records these events, I haven't found the video yet, but if I do I will post a link.

Oh, read the whole the linked story it contains some recent history of rookie hazing Marlins style.  Yes, this will be on the final exam.