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Fish Wrap - Marlins 6 Phillies 2

This will be a short recap since I didn't see most of the game.  Therefore, let's see what ye ol' box score can tell us.

The Hopper was dealing, mixing up sinkers and sliders and keeping the Phillies off balance.  When he did get into a spot of trouble, no problem, just throw the sinker to induce a double play.  Vintage Hopper.

Danny continued to own Myers hitting his fifth career home run off him.  That is the most home runs Uggla has hit off any one pitcher by far.  He has no more than two against any other pitcher.

Cody looked it over and did the old if Danny can do it I can do it too.  And so he did.

But if you think most of the offensive heroics only belong to Danny and Cody, you would be mistaken.  Wesley stole his first base of the season and in fact, his first stolen base since 2002.  (Possibly more on that later.)

The bullpen entered the game and tried to give everyone a heart attack but fortunately they eventually straightened up and flew right.

So it was basically just another routine Marlins win.