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Chris Leroux option - Brett Carroll recalled

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After last night's game the Marlins optioned Chris Leroux to Double-A.

After the game, the Marlins optioned reliver Chris Leroux back to Double A Jacksonville. Laroux pitched the final two innings after Andrew Miller, giving up three hits and one earned run on 25 pitches.

According to Clark Spencer, via twitter, Brett Carroll has been recalled.

Normally I would be happy about this since it could mean Coghlan would move to third, Bonifacio to short, Carroll to right and Hermida to left.  But that isn't the way it is going to happen.

What is going to happen is Coghlan will stay in left, Bonifacio to short, Hermida in right, Helms to third and Carroll coming off the bench.

While Helms deserves the start at third, he has earned it, it does weaken the bench because he does have a knack, which is hard to learn, for pinch-hitting.  Carroll is still learning. 

Also, I don't think it is the best defensive lineup the Marlins can put on the field, then again, it may be the best for tonight.

With Badenhop starting we should see a fair amount of ground balls, so the infield defense may come into play more than the outfield, and Helms plays a very good third.  As for Coghlan, who has been in the outfield since joining the team, it could be a big adjustment.