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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Phillies 5

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Andrew Miller got off to a rocky start in the first inning and of course, Hanley Ramirez's throwing error did help anything.  After the first inning was over Miller had thrown around 30 pitches and the Fish were down 3-0.

With the exception of Cody, Blanton basically shutdown the Marlins offensive for seven innings allowing 0 R and striking out 11.  Blanton?!

Miller got his act together until the sixth when he decided walking the pitcher was a good idea, young kids today and their crazy ideas, needless to say it didn't work.  The Phillies added on another run to make it 4-0.  And still the Marlins bats slumbered, with the exception of Cody.

In the eighth Chris Leroux made his major league debut and promptly punched his ticket back to Jacksonville.  To be fair, Leroux did get the first two hitters out in the inning before punching his ticket.

So to the ninth we go with the Marlins showing almost no signs of life and down 5-0.  A few walks with a hit sandwiched in there, the Fish all of a sudden found themselves 2 runs down with the tying runs in scoring position.  Sadly, the Hollywood ending didn't materialize. 

Look at this way - at least they scored.  I was getting worried that wasn't going to happen.