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Burke Badenhop to start Wednesday

Burke Badenhop will be the Marlins starter on Wednesday.

Burke Badenhop will make his first start of the season. The right-hander has thrown out of the bullpen in long relief since he was called up from Triple-A New Orleans.

A sinkerball pitcher, the Marlins are hoping he can get his share of groundball outs in hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Park.

How long Badenhop can go is up in the air. He did make two starts at Triple-A, but those came in early April.

Another way to say this is Andrew Miller better plan on going at least six innings tonight.

The Hopper has earned the shot and while he may not go real deep into the game, he can't be any worse than some of the others who the Marlins have trotted to the hill lately.  If his sinker is working, and defense will play, you know, defense, behind him he may be able to give the Fish a decent 4 or 5 innings.  And really that is all you can ask of a young pitcher who has been throwing long relief.