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Marlins vs Rays - The Plunking Series

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Forget calling it the Citrus Series, when the Marlins and the Rays get together it is the Plunking Series.

(via Clark Spencer) Plunk Everyone has the following.

Pena's plunk was the 74th in the all time interleague series between the Marlins and Rays. Those two teams have plunked each other 23 more times than the next most plunk-filled interleague series. It's also been the most lopsided, with the Rays having hit the Marlins 52 times, and the Marlins firing back just 22 times, including yesterday's plunk of Carlos Pena.

That was as of Friday, after last night's game, with Longoria and Helms being HBP, the total is now 76.  Marlins 53 times and the Rays 23.  

Obviously, we have some catching up to do.