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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Rays 10

In last night's game Sean West made his major league debut and the tall lefty, from my hometown, put on a nice performance.  He started out strong but ran into issues with his control around the fourth inning which was to be expected since that has been an issue for him in Double-A also.  West pitched 5 innings, a success story for any Marlins starter whose last name isn't Johnson or Volstad this season.

Sean finished his first start giving up 2 runs on 4 hits, striking out 5 while giving up 4 walks.  Sure it is not a head turner, but around these parts here lately, it ain't bad.

But onto the rest of the game.  The Fish evened the game at 3 to 3 in the seventh via a couple of walks, a nice pinch hit by Gload and a somewhat lucky placement of the ball by Hermida.  So in other words, things finally looked promising.  However, the petals soon fell off the rose.

Nunez entered and gave up a walk, Cantu forgot how field a routine ground ball then Longoria got a hit to give the Rays a one run lead.  No big deal, there were three innings to score a couple of runs to win the thing or so I thought.

Onto the ninth inning and Lindstrom took the mound.  Let's see between the hits, the walks, the errors and the balk the Rays were suddenly up by 4 with only one out in the inning.  At this point Hayden "Gasoline" Penn decided to throw fuel on the fire and the Rays scored 3 more times to bring their total to 10.

Needless to say the Marlins didn't score seven run in the bottom of the ninth to keep the game alive.

On bright side it was a good game through seven innings and I guess that was an improvement over the night before.  Yes, I'm reaching here, but when your favorite team is 5-17 for the month of May, you find solace where you can.