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Florida Marlins roster moves

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As you probably know Cristhian Martinez was optioned to Jacksonville after last night's game.

After making his first big league appearance on Thursday -- when he gave up a go-ahead homer to D-backs first baseman Mark Reynolds, which led to a loss -- Martinez was optioned back to Double-A Jacksonville.

I hope he got to finish his cup of coffee.

Sending Martinez down, now that the bullpen is all rested (/sarcasm), allows the Marlins to get some help off the bench and maybe improve the outfield, so who do the Fish bring up from the minors, none other than catcher Brett Hayes.

I'm at a loss here.  Why in the world do the Marlins need a third catcher?  Oh sure, Paulino isn't hitting for crap (.212/.339/.346) and he is ability to throw runners out is a little sub-par (21%), but the latter is not all his fault.

The fact remains, he wasn't sent down, he is still up with the club.

The Marlins, the way I see it, are hurting for outfield defense and an outfield of Coghlan, Ross and Hermida is pretty darn bad.  The only good defensive outfielder of the three is having headaches.  And sticking Bonifacio as substitute is no kind of an answer.

In case no one in the organization has noticed, the outfield in JRS is huge, which one would think requires a team to field players who, you know, can actually play the position.  Then again, maybe that improve the defense thing is only for the infield.

I've got nothing against Hayes, I like Hayes, but why in the world are the Marlins going with three catchers when the outfield needs help?

Maybe you can explain it to me.