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Ricky Nolasco to start on short rest

I'm sure have heard by now that Ricky Nolasco is scheduled to be the starter on Friday with just three days rest.

Ricky Nolasco threw off the bullpen mound just a moment ago and is a go for Friday when he'll be starting on short rest. Nolasco threw 76 pitches in his rain-shortened start on Monday. Look for the Marlins to dip into the minors to call up a starter for Saturday. Sean West, at Double A Jacksonville, is a top candidate for that outing. West, who pitched on Monday for Jacksonville, is lined up for a Saturday start.

While I'm not thrilled about Ricky going on short rest, he only threw, if my stats are right, 58 pitches on Monday, so it is probably not all that bad.

As for Saturday:  Oh, Good God No!, don't bring up Sean West.  He is not ready.  West is a talent and will probably be an important cog in the Marlins rotation of the future, but once again, He is not ready.  There is no need to start the clock on him and have him get shelled in his first outting.  Nothing good can come of that.  Just manage the bullpen and start the Hopper on Saturday.

Yes, I know, Penn has the first game today and the Marlins may need long relief, but can't Meyer do it?