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Alfredo Amezaga still hurting

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Alfredo Amezaga may be getting better, albeit very slowly.

Marlins utility man Alfredo Amezaga isn’t expected to play until Friday at the earliest and could yet land on the disabled list with a deep bone bruise in his left knee.

Dr. Lee Kaplan, the Marlins’ team physician, will examine him on Friday, but there will be no baseball activities for Amezaga until then.

In the meantime, he must spend the bulk of each game icing his knee in the trainer’s room instead of spreading his particular brand of support in the dugout.


Then again, maybe not.  Deep bone bruises are one tough thing to overcome, they seem to heal at their own rate and little can be done to excellerate the process.  I'm guessing the team will try and ride out the injury and keep him off the DL, that is unless someone else gets a nagging injury and is unable to play for a day or two.  At which point, Alfredo will retroactively placed on the DL.

Good news keeps evading the Marlins.