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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Diamondbacks 5

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The game started out as pitchers duel, Josh Johnson was dealing, though missing the strike zone a bit too much early.  Sadly, the good Jon Garland made an appearance, and I was hoping for the other one.

Both pitchers had shutouts going through the fifth and then in the sixth, Hanley connected for a home run.  Cantu singled and made it to second with a little help and Danny drove him in for a Marlins two run lead.  In retrospect, this would have been a wonderful time for Tlaloc to do his thing, but apparently he was stuck in a dinner meeting and couldn't be bothered.

In the seventh after retiring 11 in-a-row Johnson gave up a home run.  No big deal, the Marlins still had the lead and that can be worked around.  Or at least, that is what I told myself.  At that point the new "improved" Marlins defense decided to show their mettle.  Bonifacio on a routine grounder made a throw that would have probably traveled all the way to first base, had the game been played on a regulation little league diamond.  A single and sacrifice followed and that was all for Josh who left the game with the Marlins leading 2-1.  

Pinto came in to save the day, and he did, unfortunately it was for the D'Backs.  With his first pitch he hit  Montero to load the bases. Then a couple of singles and another fielding error later the Diamondbacks took the lead 4-2.  After this point nothing much good happened for the Fish, I'm sure all the math majors in the audience have already concluded that both teams added a run later in the game.

The struggles for the Fish continue.