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Hanley Ramirez good to go?

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Hanley Ramirez may return to the lineup today.

After going four games without Hanley Ramirez in the lineup, the Marlins look like they will be getting him back full-time beginning Saturday -- pain included.

Ramirez, who couldn't take more than 10 swings off a tee Thursday because of the pain in his right wrist, got two at-bats in Friday's 8-6 loss to the Cubs after entering the game in the seventh.


''It pinches each time I swing, but I've got to go with it,'' said Ramirez...


``I feel it every time I grab the bat. But I can swing. The swelling is a little bit better. But I've got to take it. I want to be out there.''


''He's good to go,'' Gonzalez said. ``He had two good at-bats, and he'll be good to go tomorrow.''

It would be good to have Hanley back in the lineup, but I hope they are not rushing him.  However, it sounds like they are.